Professional Plumbing Services

Travalgar Plumbing & Drain Services offers professional plumbing services for all your residential and commercial requirements including emergency and general plumbing maintenance in the Johannesburg. At some point or another it is inevitable that a plumber will need to be called in repair anything from leaking toilets, burst pipes, irritating dripping taps or washing machine repairs. There are simply some repairs that you will be unable to tend to without a professional plumbing service. A leaking pipe can cause a business to close down important operations resulting in a loss of significant production.

It is important to chose plumbing service that offers an extensive and versatile service and in the long run it pays to establish a relationship with a plumber that you can rely on whenever the need arises. Travalgar Plumbing is committed to providing our clients with superior service for all your needs including 24 hour emergencies and general plumbing maintenance. Consider us for your leaking toilets,burst pipes or washing machine repairs, we will expertly tend to your problem. Customer satisfaction is our goal!